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I have been in awe this past week reflecting on the fact that the God of the universe chose to live among us.   What a humble, loving, amazing Savior and King we have!   I hope you all can internalize and embrace that God truly is with us.

Have a glorious, blessed Christmas Day!

God with Us

My dearest Child~

You wonder if I love you.  I most certainly do.   I love you so much that Jesus, My Son, came to live among you.  (John 1:1-5, 14)  (John 3:16)  He came to you in the most helpless, humble form of all, a baby.  He lived among you not as a king, but as a carpenter and teacher so you could approach Him without fear. He demonstrated love, mercy and tenderness and He taught you about Me.  He died a horrible death so you could be forgiven and always be in a relationship with Me.  (1 John 2:2)

When Jesus returned to heaven, He sent a Helper, the Holy Spirit, to live inside you.  (John 14:16-17)  The Holy Spirit is always available to help you.  You are never alone, My Child.  So when you are confused, frightened, or lonely just turn to Me.  I am as close as your next breath.  (1 Corinthians 3:16) You don’t have to struggle, worry, be anxious or depressed.  I am always available to love, guide and comfort you.

I am not some far off deity that is unconcerned about you.  You don’t have “to do” anything to get to Me.  You see, I’ve done it all.  I came to your earth to show you the right way to live.  I died in your place so you wouldn’t have to suffer or be separated from Me.  I will come and live inside you to comfort and guide you always, if you will let Me.

I am the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace who was born to you.  (Isaiah 9:6)

I am Immanuel.  I am God with you.  (Isaiah 7:14)  (Matthew 1:23)

Always remember that, My Child.  Always.

Merry Christmas.

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My Child, you need to know that with Me all things are possible.    Consider some of the “impossibilities” that were possible for Me:

I parted a sea so My people could walk through on dry land and then closed the same sea on their enemies.  (Exodus 14:13-31)

Sarah bore a son even though she and her husband Abraham were well past the childbearing age.  (Genesis 18:10-1521:1-7 )

Elizabeth bore a son even though she and her husband were also advanced in years.  (Luke 1:11-251:57-58 )

Mary became pregnant even though she had never had sexual relations with a man.   ( Luke 1:26-38 )

Caesar Augustus called for a census so Jesus would be born in Bethlehem as was prophesied.  (Micah 5:2      Luke 2:1-7 )

Is anything to hard for Me?  No.  Is anything that you are facing in your life too hard for Me?  No.  It may look impossible to you but it is not impossible for Me.

Please remember that things happen at My appointed time, which may be very different from what you desire.  And what I bring about usually happens in unexpected ways.   But you see, I delight in the unexpected and unusual, for this brings those who are curious and those who are seeking to Me.

Think about it, would you choose an eighty year old man to deliver a nation from bondage?  Probably not, but I did.  (Exodus 3:7-12)  Whom would you choose to mother the King of the entire universe?  A royal queen living in a palace?   I chose a poor teenage girl and the baby was born in a stable.  (Luke 2:6-7)

You see, My ways are not like your ways, nor is My timing exactly like yours either.  (Isaiah 55:8)  But, I am always working and always involved in the affairs of men.

Be encouraged, My Child, I am keenly aware of what you are facing and what you are hoping for.  In My timing and in My rather unorthodox way I will act.  Remember, nothing is impossible with Me!  And if you don’t receive what you hope for it because My plan is greater and better than yours (Isaiah 55:9) and someday, maybe not in this world, but someday, you will understand.  And then you will be glad.  (Revelation 21:1-4)


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When The Unexpected Happens


My Child, sometimes unexpected things will occur in your life.  It may be as small as a friend cancelling on a dinner date or as large as a relationship ending,  job loss, unplanned pregnancy, unexpected relocation or health crisis.  Know that I am aware of the unexpected events in your life and that I have allowed them for a purpose.

Your response is to trust Me and submit to My plan, even when it is difficult to understand or endure.   I can see the whole picture.  You see only a part.

Sometimes what you are doing and pouring your energies into are good for a certain time in your life, but they are not what I want you to focus on now.  So, occasionally I will use these unexpected events to change your focus and direction.   Keep your eyes on Me, not on where you were or what you were doing.  If you are looking backwards at what you had, it will be difficult to move forward with Me.

Consider Mary.  All of her plans changed the day an angel appeared to her announcing that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah.  She willingly accepted to be My servant and never looked back at her own plans for her life.  All of humanity has been blessed because of her obedience.

Now, consider Joseph.  He listened to My messenger and chose to do what would benefit Mary.  Likewise, you should consider what others may be experiencing during the unexpected events and act towards them in ways that will assist and serve them.  Reach out to others instead of only being inwardly focused during the unsettled times.

During these difficult times I will show Myself to you to encourage and instruct you.  I may show up in a dream, in the words of a friend, through My word the Bible, or in the still small voice inside of you.  Listen to My voice and follow Me.  Your path will be easier and My perfect plan for your life will unfold and be fulfilled.

I love you more than you could imagine and I know when your life takes an unexpected turn.  While these events may not be what you desire or planned for, they are in My plan for your life.  Just as  in Mary and Joseph’s life, the unexpected events will work together for good.  Trust me.  You’ll see.

Proverbs 3:5-6     Matthew 1:18-25     Luke 1:26-38     Romans 8:28

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This past week I had some circumstances that caused me to worry.  God graciously drew me to Himself and spoke to me the following. Make sure you click on the Bible passages.   May you be encouraged by these whisperings too.


 My Child, today I sense that you are worrying.  The worrying is making you stressed and sad.  Please come to Me and let Me help you with your concerns.

Worry cannot fix anything and it will only ruin your day by making you feel poorly.  Worrying takes from your life because it creates stress and anxiety.  Worry will tie your stomach up in knots, give you headaches, make you feel sad and/or cranky and cause sleepless nights.  It is not productive for you to worry; it is only destructive.

I know all about your worries and concerns.  I know what is bothering you today.  Instead of fretting over your problems, turn to Me.   Let Me hold you and talk to you.  If you turn to Me and sit in My presence, My peace will surround you and your worries will fade away.

Do what you can to correct your worrisome situation, then go to bed tonight knowing that you did all that was in your power to improve it.  If you wake up and cannot sleep, then focus on Me and say to yourself, “God loves me.  I am His Child.  He will help me with this.”  While you are waiting for your situation to turn around, help others with their problems.  As you bring joy and help to others, you will also bring joy and help to yourself.

Leave your worries and concerns to Me.  I will handle them.   Just watch and see.

Psalm 34:4     Isaiah 41:10-13     Matthew 6:25-33     Luke 10:38-42    

Galatians 6:7     Philippians 4:6,7      1 Peter 5:7

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You are Special


My dear Child, I want you to know that you are so very special to Me.  I created you and you are wonderfully made.   You are a one-of-a-kind person.  I ordained where, when and to whom you would be born.  I think of you all the time and I love you so very much.  I am always with you.  Do you know these things?

Even if others have said that your birth was an accident, it was not.  Remember that My Son was conceived in the womb of an unwed teenage girl. That inconvenient, embarrassing, unplanned pregnancy was orchestrated by Me!  Members of your own family may have belittled you, walked away from you, forgotten you or rejected you, but you are always wanted, always loved and always included in My family.  You are My dearly loved Child and you need to know and remember that.

Perhaps you are now faced with an unexpected pregnancy.  No pregnancy is unplanned as far as I’m concerned.  Just as I planned Mary’s pregnancy, I plan each life that is to be born.  If you will listen to My voice, and follow My leading, great things will come from that little life and your life will be blessed as well.

Just like Jesus’ birth and life was planned for a certain time and place in history to fulfill My purpose, your existence is planned for now.  You have a role to fulfill, My Child, and only you can fulfill it.  Perhaps you will become a doctor and heal the sick and make great medical discoveries.  Perhaps you will minister to the poor and needy or help restore broken lives.  You may become a teacher who imparts knowledge and wisdom to inquiring minds and encourages students to reach for their highest potential.  Or, you may be like Esther or Joseph who intervened on behalf of a people group to save lives.  Your role may be to encourage and love those in your neighborhood, at your job or within the walls of your own home.

Remember, My Child, that you are one of a kind!   You are uniquely created and gifted with certain abilities that allow you to love and help others.  There is no one else on the entire earth exactly like you.   So, go out into the world as My dearly beloved, one-of-a-kind Child and use what I’ve given you to serve others. They need the love and special touch that you, and only you, can give.

Genesis 45:4-8     Esther 4:12-14    Psalm 27:10 and 139:13-18

Matthew 1:1-25      Ephesians 2:10



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