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“…..I am making a way in the wilderness…..” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

This past weekend I was driving the back roads of northern Arizona with one of my sons. We wondered whether the road would be passable or would have trees blocking the way. As we drove along, we could tell that some of the trees had been recently cleared. I even commented to my son that the tree we had just passed must have been cut and moved recently, because I could smell the freshness of the cut wood.

Shortly we came to a tree that was blocking the road. In front of us were two cars, also stopped, but filled with people who were well equipped with a chain saw and winch! They had been the ones clearing the road before us!

In a very short time the tree was no longer blocking the way and our three vehicles went on. They kept us in view, guiding us around other obstacles and through muddy waters.

That night, I reflected on what had happened. God had truly provided these “angels” to go before us and clear the way. Had they not been there, we would have had to turn around and drive back the 20 miles we had just driven (over not so great roads).

I believe God was showing me that He truly is with me and making a way through my wilderness. The path I’m on is much like the road we drove….not easy; in fact, very difficult in places.

And since He is with me, He is with you too; going before you on your difficult journey, and clearing the way bit by bit.  (Isaiah 43:1-2)

May you see glimpses of Him today, as I saw on Sunday.


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