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ipod June 2014 001I had a hard day recently and as a result tears were forming in my eyes and running down my cheeks. As my heart was crying out to God a song randomly came on to my iPod. The song was entitled El Me Conoce which means He knows me. (I have Spanish songs on my iPod because I’m trying to learn Spanish…. ūüôā )

The words to the song go on to say “He sees each tear that falls and hears me when I call.” I really needed to hear that right then, and I was so grateful that God provided those encouraging words!

Yes, God does see our tears. He even collects and records them!¬†Psalm 56:8 says: “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”¬† I don’t know why He takes special note of our tears…perhaps someday He will replace each one with a special hug or measure of joy.

God also hears us when we cry out to Him. “The Lord hears His people when they call to Him for help…..” (Psalm 34:17-18)

I was so encouraged that God knew where I was emotionally and He responded with a song. (Isn’t it amazing that God can use an iPod to reach us?) If you need to be encouraged that God knows your name, knows your troubles, sees your tears and hears your cry, then take a moment to listen to either the English or Spanish version of this song. He loves you and He does care for you!

He Knows My Name

El Me Conoce 


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Believe 2 December 2013 002It seems what we all want for the New Year is for things to be better. Better health, better job, better weather, better garden, better behaved kids, better behaved pets, better behaved spouse, better behaved self…..you name it, we want it to be better.

And it seems, that what keeps us going, is the faith, the hope, and the belief that things can get better.

This past Christmas Day was hard for me for various reasons. I was discouraged so I decided to take a walk. On that walk I passed a store that was open. I don’t normally go into stores (I dislike shopping) and it just seemed weird to go into a store on Christmas Day, but there was a friendly, beckoning air to this particular store so I went in.

The store seemed full of love and good cheer. A woman (who turned out to be the store owner) came over to see if I needed any assistance. As we began to talk, she sensed that I needed encouragement. She promptly encouraged me, prayed with me, hugged me and gave me the Believe ornament you see here.

Yes, the New Year will be better. How can we possibly have a bad year (or even a bad day) when God is right there for us? He sees our tears, our pain and our struggles. And when we are hurting He sends someone along to help us. In my case he sent Anita, who will forever be my Christmas Angel.

God is there for you too. He wants to love you and help you. He wants to encourage you, support you and guide you. He wants to be with you for every moment of 2014; and every moment in every year thereafter.¬†Believe it; it’s true. (Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 30:18)

With love and hugs,


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My Child~

When you are upset due to a circumstance or person, take a few minutes and remove yourself either physically or mentally from the situation. Come to Me and let me clear your mind and calm your emotions.

Know that I am in sovereign control of all circumstances. (2 Chronicles 20:5-6) In the end, all things will work together for good.  (Romans 8:28) Be at rest knowing that I am very aware of what is happening to you and I will see you through the situation. (Isaiah 43:2)

If a person is causing you distress, take some time to calmly and lovingly ask him or her some questions. Seek to understand where they are coming from. As you seek to understand them, they may try to understand you. No matter how they treat you, do your best to live in peace with them. (Romans 12:18) Let your actions be motivated by love. Even if you don’t love them, or like how they treated you, they are My child, and I love them. I want you to show them love because all people need love. It is when they act poorly that they need My love the most.

My Child, I am with you at all times, especially when you are upset and hurting. Come and cry to Me. I see all your tears and they are precious to Me (Psalm 56:8).

I will calm you and give you My Peace. (Zephaniah 3:17, John 14:27)


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Manta Ray Maui 2013

Manta Ray
Maui 2013

My Dear Child~

I know you’ve been praying earnestly and for a long time about certain issues. You would like to see some answers. You would like to see the situation improve. You wonder why it’s taking so long.

I am aware of your prayers. I am aware of the prayers and tears of all My Children. (2 Kings 20:1-6) (Psalm 56:8)

You want to help others with the same problem, but you aren’t in a position to do so. Your motives and desires are noble and good. I am aware of them. (Psalm 139:1-2) I am aware of the whole situation. All that is happening is proceeding according to My plan. (Proverbs 19:21)

Let me remind you of the time you were snorkeling recently.  It was the last snorkel adventure of your trip. You were leaving later that day to go home. You were praying to see a sea turtle. You had already seen many sea turtles that vacation.  I wanted to send something your way that you would never forget. Something big, something out of the ordinary, something extra special, something rarely seen. So, I sent a Manta Ray to you instead.

Manta Rays are the largest ray that there is, averaging 22 feet wide and weighing up to 3000 pounds. They are harmless to humans, so even though you were startled to see one, I made sure to send something that could not harm you. You were asking to see a common sea turtle, I sent something much better, much larger and something that is not often seen by a snorkeler. They are rarely viewed or studied at all since there are few aquariums large enough to hold them.

I heard your earnest prayer for the sea turtle, and I wanted to answer and surprise you with something beyond your imagination. Admit it; it never entered your mind that you would see a Manta Ray did it?

I hear all your prayers. ¬†Even the ones you’ve been praying about for a very long time, and are way more important to you than spotting a sea turtle. And I am working out the answers to your prayers. It may take awhile sometimes and that is because some trials are really times of refinement for you. (Psalm 66:10) Trials also provide an opportunity for Me to humble you and teach you to rely on Me. (Deuteronomy 8:2-3)

Take heart, even when you think nothing is happening, I am always at work. I want you to know that I hear the prayers of all My Children, and I am involved in their lives too.

In My time, and in My way the answers will come.

Don’t be surprised if the answer is something that never even entered your mind. It will exceed your expectations and happen¬†as suddenly as that Manta Ray appeared out of the depths of the deep blue sea. Just wait (as patiently and expectantly as you can) and you will see. (Psalm 40:1-5)

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