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“…..I am making a way in the wilderness…..” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

This past weekend I was driving the back roads of northern Arizona with one of my sons. We wondered whether the road would be passable or would have trees blocking the way. As we drove along, we could tell that some of the trees had been recently cleared. I even commented to my son that the tree we had just passed must have been cut and moved recently, because I could smell the freshness of the cut wood.

Shortly we came to a tree that was blocking the road. In front of us were two cars, also stopped, but filled with people who were well equipped with a chain saw and winch! They had been the ones clearing the road before us!

In a very short time the tree was no longer blocking the way and our three vehicles went on. They kept us in view, guiding us around other obstacles and through muddy waters.

That night, I reflected on what had happened. God had truly provided these “angels” to go before us and clear the way. Had they not been there, we would have had to turn around and drive back the 20 miles we had just driven (over not so great roads).

I believe God was showing me that He truly is with me and making a way through my wilderness. The path I’m on is much like the road we drove….not easy; in fact, very difficult in places.

And since He is with me, He is with you too; going before you on your difficult journey, and clearing the way bit by bit.  (Isaiah 43:1-2)

May you see glimpses of Him today, as I saw on Sunday.


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Believe 2 December 2013 002It seems what we all want for the New Year is for things to be better. Better health, better job, better weather, better garden, better behaved kids, better behaved pets, better behaved spouse, better behaved self…..you name it, we want it to be better.

And it seems, that what keeps us going, is the faith, the hope, and the belief that things can get better.

This past Christmas Day was hard for me for various reasons. I was discouraged so I decided to take a walk. On that walk I passed a store that was open. I don’t normally go into stores (I dislike shopping) and it just seemed weird to go into a store on Christmas Day, but there was a friendly, beckoning air to this particular store so I went in.

The store seemed full of love and good cheer. A woman (who turned out to be the store owner) came over to see if I needed any assistance. As we began to talk, she sensed that I needed encouragement. She promptly encouraged me, prayed with me, hugged me and gave me the Believe ornament you see here.

Yes, the New Year will be better. How can we possibly have a bad year (or even a bad day) when God is right there for us? He sees our tears, our pain and our struggles. And when we are hurting He sends someone along to help us. In my case he sent Anita, who will forever be my Christmas Angel.

God is there for you too. He wants to love you and help you. He wants to encourage you, support you and guide you. He wants to be with you for every moment of 2014; and every moment in every year thereafter. Believe it; it’s true. (Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 30:18)

With love and hugs,


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Salzburg Cathedral Whispers From the Father

Salzburg Cathedral
Whispers From the Father

My Dear Child~

I am with you all the time. I know you may not always feel My presence, but I am there nonetheless. I like to send you little reminders to let you know that I am with you and I am thinking about you. Have you noticed them?

The beautiful sunset which you saw the other night….. That was Me painting the sky just for you.

The meteor shower that you enjoyed…… Yes, that was Me too. (Psalm 19:1)

The “Penny from Heaven” that you found…… I sent that to encourage you.

The warm sunbeam on your leg…..that was Me embracing you. (Psalm 19:4-6)

The words of a friend: “What can I do to help you?” That was Me working through him to help you.

The patience and support of another friend….that was Me working in that person too.

The hug of one person, the flowers in the meadow, the whisper from Me in the night to consider a different direction, and the cross…yes the cross. The one that you saw illuminated in the cathedral as the sun went down. All of these special moments are small reminders that I am with you.

Look around you today, and you will see more reminders. These are to let you know that I am here. I will never leave you. And I will always guide you. (Deuteronomy 31:8Psalm 32:8)

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My Child~

I see that you are fearful and worried. I see you sitting there with tears in your eyes.

Can I tell you something? Do not be worried or afraid.

I will make you strong.

I will help you.

I will take good care of you.

My hand is reaching out towards you. It is there. It is taking your hand now.

I will walk you through the problem.

Hear Me whisper to you, “Do not be afraid, I will help you.”

I am your Father and your God.

I will make the path clear for you. Trust Me.

Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 41:13Proverbs 3:5,6

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