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I have been in awe this past week reflecting on the fact that the God of the universe chose to live among us.   What a humble, loving, amazing Savior and King we have!   I hope you all can internalize and embrace that God truly is with us.

Have a glorious, blessed Christmas Day!

God with Us

My dearest Child~

You wonder if I love you.  I most certainly do.   I love you so much that Jesus, My Son, came to live among you.  (John 1:1-5, 14)  (John 3:16)  He came to you in the most helpless, humble form of all, a baby.  He lived among you not as a king, but as a carpenter and teacher so you could approach Him without fear. He demonstrated love, mercy and tenderness and He taught you about Me.  He died a horrible death so you could be forgiven and always be in a relationship with Me.  (1 John 2:2)

When Jesus returned to heaven, He sent a Helper, the Holy Spirit, to live inside you.  (John 14:16-17)  The Holy Spirit is always available to help you.  You are never alone, My Child.  So when you are confused, frightened, or lonely just turn to Me.  I am as close as your next breath.  (1 Corinthians 3:16) You don’t have to struggle, worry, be anxious or depressed.  I am always available to love, guide and comfort you.

I am not some far off deity that is unconcerned about you.  You don’t have “to do” anything to get to Me.  You see, I’ve done it all.  I came to your earth to show you the right way to live.  I died in your place so you wouldn’t have to suffer or be separated from Me.  I will come and live inside you to comfort and guide you always, if you will let Me.

I am the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace who was born to you.  (Isaiah 9:6)

I am Immanuel.  I am God with you.  (Isaiah 7:14)  (Matthew 1:23)

Always remember that, My Child.  Always.

Merry Christmas.

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