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My Dear Child~

I know that you are hurting now. Things look very bleak, life doesn’t seem fair, and you have no desire or strength to go on. Just persevere for a little while longer. Often hard times precede good times.

Let Me show you a few examples from My Word:

Joseph was sold as a slave by his brothers and wound up in prison (for years) in Egypt. Eventually he became second in command to Pharaoh and saved many lives.  (Genesis 50:19-20)

David was looked down upon by his family. Though he did nothing wrong, he had to live in caves because King Saul wanted to kill him.  David eventually became king over all of Israel. (2 Samuel 5:1-5)

Moses had to flee after murdering an Egyptian and spent 40 years tending livestock in the wilderness. He was later used to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. (Exodus 12:31-41)

Esther was an orphan but she was chosen to be queen to King Xerxes. Her uncle suggested that her royal position should be used to spare the Jews from destruction. Esther bravely decided to approach the King on behalf of her people.  (Esther 4:12-16) The Jews were spared because of her bravery.

Job was a righteous man (Job1:8) yet he lost his children, his livestock and his health through no fault of his own. Later, Job received many blessings. (Job 42:12-13)

Finally, consider My Son Jesus. Although innocent, He was beaten and left to die a cruel death upon a cross. But that was not the end. He rose again! His death paid for everyone’s sin so that people could have a relationship with Me. (1 John 2:1-2)

What seems bleak, unfair, or the end, may be the means through which I will help many people. And you may be part of that grander plan. So, hang in there My Child. Keep persevering. A brighter day, a day when you will understand the reason for the difficult times, a Resurrection kind of day may be just around the corner!

Oh, and in case you are wondering where I am during those hard times….I am right beside you.  (Isaiah 43:2) (Daniel 3:19-27)

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You are Special


My dear Child, I want you to know that you are so very special to Me.  I created you and you are wonderfully made.   You are a one-of-a-kind person.  I ordained where, when and to whom you would be born.  I think of you all the time and I love you so very much.  I am always with you.  Do you know these things?

Even if others have said that your birth was an accident, it was not.  Remember that My Son was conceived in the womb of an unwed teenage girl. That inconvenient, embarrassing, unplanned pregnancy was orchestrated by Me!  Members of your own family may have belittled you, walked away from you, forgotten you or rejected you, but you are always wanted, always loved and always included in My family.  You are My dearly loved Child and you need to know and remember that.

Perhaps you are now faced with an unexpected pregnancy.  No pregnancy is unplanned as far as I’m concerned.  Just as I planned Mary’s pregnancy, I plan each life that is to be born.  If you will listen to My voice, and follow My leading, great things will come from that little life and your life will be blessed as well.

Just like Jesus’ birth and life was planned for a certain time and place in history to fulfill My purpose, your existence is planned for now.  You have a role to fulfill, My Child, and only you can fulfill it.  Perhaps you will become a doctor and heal the sick and make great medical discoveries.  Perhaps you will minister to the poor and needy or help restore broken lives.  You may become a teacher who imparts knowledge and wisdom to inquiring minds and encourages students to reach for their highest potential.  Or, you may be like Esther or Joseph who intervened on behalf of a people group to save lives.  Your role may be to encourage and love those in your neighborhood, at your job or within the walls of your own home.

Remember, My Child, that you are one of a kind!   You are uniquely created and gifted with certain abilities that allow you to love and help others.  There is no one else on the entire earth exactly like you.   So, go out into the world as My dearly beloved, one-of-a-kind Child and use what I’ve given you to serve others. They need the love and special touch that you, and only you, can give.

Genesis 45:4-8     Esther 4:12-14    Psalm 27:10 and 139:13-18

Matthew 1:1-25      Ephesians 2:10



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